Wael Kfoury

Wael Kfoury

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Gender: Male

Nationality: Lebanon

Job Title: Singer

Michael Kfoury is his true name, however he is widely known as Wael Kfoury or Wael Kfouri.

Wael Kfoury was born in Housh Al Umara on the 15th of May 1974.

Wael is of Lebanese nationality and for all the girls out there, Wael is still Single.

Wael studied Music at Rouh Al Quds University in 1993

Wael has a lot of Albums since he first started by winning at Studio El Fan.

Wael Kfoury first song was entitled Ma Waatik bi Njoom Alayl which he sang at Studio El Fan. This song was his ticket to fame.

Wael first album was entitled (Shafouha wa saroo yoqolo). Then followed this album with another entitled Haflat faqra, Meit Fiki, Baad Al Sineen. All these album have been produced by the MUSIC BOX International.

In addition, Wael he has three national songs Ana Bukrah rayih Al gaish, Haflat Mairoba and 13 shahr.

During this period, he produced also some national songs as Video clips.

Later Wael launched another album entitled Shubbak AL Hub which was very successful. For this album Wael produced 3 videos for the songs, Al Shawq, Ala Babak, and Hikayat Ashik.

His first album with Rotana was entitled Saaloni. It included Ambohrok Ayami, Aman yahabibi, and Muzaail kel El Banat.

Wael shot Muzail kul Al Banat as a video clip and it was very nice.

Wael Kfoury won many medals and awards including; The golden medal in the folklore songs for his song Maw Adtik Benjoum El Layl.

Wael toured the world and made concerts in almost every country where arabs are located. Wael sang in America, Australia, Europe and most of the Arab countries. He participated in Jarash International Festival in Jordan.

Wael has very strong voice. Close friends of Wael say that he is very polite and smart.

Wael Kfoury ranked 8th in the official Top 100 Sexiest Arab Men 2010 list.

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