Wael Jassar

Wael Jassar

Gender: Male

Nationality: Lebanon

Job Title: Singer

Wael Jassar is a Lebanese singer.

Wael Jassar, also written Wael Jasar or Wael Gassar, was born on 22 November 1976.

Wael was originally a 'child singer' and appeared at a very young age on television.
Wael Jassar is known for his Tarab voice and style in singing,and is considered a 'Motreb', as opposed to singer. He sang many ballads and romantic songs that became hits in the Arab world. A'al Jamr was one of the songs that first launched him.

Wael Jassar is especially famous in Egypt. Given the country's conservative character, he has chosen to further increase his fame by releasing many Islamic Religious Songs. He is also working on a children's album, which will also be religious in nature.

Wael Jassar Albums
Saat Baoul
Misheet Khalas
Allah Yikhallihum
Kademak Nadimak
El Dounya Allamitni

Wael Jassar Videoclips
Mesheit Khalas
Aal Jamar
El Dounya Allamitni

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