Viviane Azar

Viviane Azar

Gender: Female

Nationality: Lebanon

Job Title: Singer

Viviane Azar is a Lebanese entertainer and singer.

Viviane Azar is sometimes referred to as the Jocelyn Wildenstein of the Arab World for her excessive plastic surgeries and catlike face. The struggling model was first discovered by Jad Choueiri, who immediately sees the potential in her positive attitude and willingness to succeed, thus turning her into a singer.

The music industry was gradually witnessing the arrival of vixens with bad voices that sang off key; nothing that a studio enhancement alongside a sexy video couldn’t fix. Just like Maria Elaab and Tina singer, Viviane also got her fair shot and released a hit single EIH in 2008. The song had a very catchy melody, and Viviane was given an interesting image that swung between that of a sensual feminine Dalida-like dancer and that of an androgynous rap singer.

In 2010, Viviane releases Lebanese Girl (el Bent el Lebneniyeh) an Afro-Cuban song mixed with traditional Lebanese Dabkeh beats. In the opening scene of the video, Viviane becomes Daryl Hannah in Splash!

Viviane Azar performs in various local night clubs in Beirut and around the Arab World. She is often seen in after parties having a blast and chilling out with her friends.

Viviane was nominated for a Banadoura Dor Award, but lost to a new singer called Pamela.

Viviane Azar seems to have a certain charm that makes everything she does forgivable!

Controversy about Viviane Azar sex change operation:

In 2011, previous rumors that Viviane Azar was a man before undergoing a sex change operation to become a female performer reappeared again. The cat woman like singer was always criticized for her excessive recourse to plastic surgery, which gave her an unnatural look. Her imposing physic often also gave her a Drag Queen appearance. These rumors were originally inflamed with Tony Khalifeh hinting about the matter in his magazine. It was also pointed out that her song entitled 'Eh Wake Up Everybody' was a funny secret joke between her and the gay icon Jad, referring to their secret.

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