Tarek Soueid

Tarek Soueid

Gender: Male

Nationality: Lebanon

Job Title: TV Host

Tarek Soueid is a Lebanese Tv host and actor.

Tarek Soueid was born on 26th of June 1981 in Lebanon.

After acting in a few TV series , Tarek only made a breakthrough in television with La2la2a on Orange Television - OTV , a gossip program he hosts with Lebanese actress May Sahab. The show initially invited D-list celebrities, before gradually gaining popularity and taking off with more prominent names.

Tarek also works as a writer for many TV shows like nataloooo and la2la2a itself, and wrote the script of series like "Nefra7 Mennak" (in which he poorly portrayed a stereotypical gay character), Nouhad w Sou3ad (a big hit on Lebanese television featuring two old maidens), and Metel el Kezeb.

*Lebanese series Tarek Soueid acted in:
- Al Taghiya (Drama)
- Men A7la Biout Ras Beirut (Drama)
- Nouhad w Sou3ad - Roy (Sitcom)
- Nefrah Mennak - Mimo & Ziad (twins) (Sitcom)
- Badal 3an Daye3 (Drama/Comedy)
- Metl El Kezeb (Drama) - soon on LBCI

*Series written by Tarek Soueid:
- Sitcom Nouhad w Sou3ad
- Sitcom Nefrah Mennak
- Metl El Kezeb - soon on LBCI
Writing now a new drama series & sitcom "3awatef"

*Movies Tarek has appeared in:
- A7ebbini - Written by Marwan Najjar

*TV Shows he came up with:
- Ramadan talk/game show A7la Jam3a presented by Wissam & Jad Sabbagh on OTV (Ramadan 2010)
- Comedy Talk Show La2la2a with Mey Sahhab on OTV - Season 1 & 2

*Advertisements featuring Tarek Soueid:
- Al Wadi Al Akhdar Feta Cheese from Greece (Efkharisto)

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