Manar Hamza singer

Manar Hamza singer

Manar Hamza also known as the Lebanese singer Manar is a Lebanese Model and singer.

In 2004, Manar was selected as miss Top model.

Manar became famous after releasing her first video clip for her song Aywah Ah.

In the year 2009, Manar was nominated for the worst female singer and worst duo during the Banadoura Dor awards but she lost both titles.

In the year 2009, there was a big fight between Manar and Lebanese Madona over their duo song El Dinyi Sayfiyi. Lady Madona apparently wanted to stop the airing of the video in which she and Manar appeared because she did not get paid by Melody Music the way it was agreed upon (in addition to other personal issues). Despite all the attempts by Madona, Manar and Melody kept playing the song and the video was released despite the bad editing. Madona had left the shooting of the video before its full completion.

During the year 2010, a video of Manar circulated on the net. Manar admitted that it was her in the video and that she was forced to take photos. you can read more about this scandal in the Manar Lebanese Singer Sex Video Scandal.

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