Shadi Aswad

Shadi Aswad

Gender: Male

Nationality: Syria

Job Title: Singer

Shadi Aswad is a famous singer from syria who was a winner of Future Super Star.

Shadi Aswad is originally from Edlib region, but he is currently living with his parents in Damascus, Syria.

Shadi Aswad was born on the 8th of August 1979, he is the older brother of Hadi Aswad, another singer and winner of Super Star Talent show.

Shadi Aswad studied Accounting and commerce in Aleppo University, in addition to learning music to develop his talent which started since he was a child.

Shadi Aswad was eighteen years old when he joined the Syrian Song Festival with a song called Galbteni.

He took a part in Future Superstar and got the admiration and encouragement from both the judges and fans and got a huge success after the show.

Shady Aswad hobbies include singing and playing the Oud.
He also likes body building, Jogging, Cars and caring for pets.

Shadi Aswad loves the sea and his personality so much close to it, since he is a sensitive and stubborn person.

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