Samira Tawfik

Samira Tawfik

Gender: Male

Nationality: Lebanon

Job Title: Singer

Samira Tawfik also known as Samira Toufic or Sameera Tawfic is an iconic Lebanese singer.

Samira Tawfik was born on the 25th of September 1935 in Al Zemayzeh, Beirut. The area was known as Al Rmayleh at that time.

Samira Tawfic real name is Samira Karimona, the family gave her the name Samira Ghastin Karimona.

Samira Tawfic did not get the fame she wanted in Lebanon, especially with competition from big names such as Fairouz, Nasri Shamseddine, Sabaah and Wadih El Safi. She decided to move to Jordan and start her career by producing many songs for the Jordanian Radio.

Around the year 2004, Samira met Al Shab Ghabi, a Lebanese businessman living in Switzerland, He was attending one of her concerts, he gave her a bouquet of flowers, and later love started between the couple and they got married.

Samira Toufic was mostly famous for portraying a Gypsy Arab girl, and her songs were also in the "Badu" dialect. One of her most memorable roles was an androgynous Joan of Arc like night character.

Samira Tawfik disappeared from the music scene after she broke her leg in front of her house in London.

Currently Samira spends most of her time between her first home in Hazmieh and her other in Faytroun.

Samira Tawfik's most famous songs include: Balla Tsoubou Hal Kahwa, Ya Hala Bildayf, Yomein WL Thaleth, Bee'a el Jamal Ya Alihe Camel, Dahab Ma Badi, Shababina, Ya Boul Gedilaung, Ya Marhaba, El Kheil ala el Mayathe, Hobbak Murr, Makdar Aoulak,
Ya Badaouiya and Ehna el Habayeb.

A lot of other singers were later influenced by her style, even Fares Karam sang some of her songs in his early beginnings.

Despite the fact that Samira Tawfik has chosen to keep a low profile and not give any interviews, Fanoos tried to contact her for an interview, but we still haven't managed to get her approval yet...

You can check old videos of Samira Tawfik below:
Ya Rakeb Al Ebaya
Wili ya Wili Samira
Ya Shwighi
Bala Tsobo Hal Ahwa
Asmar Ya Hilo
Ya Min Alla

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