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Samir Zaiter Lebanon Predictions 2007

Here are the Predictions of Samir Zaiter for Lebanon in 2007.

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Violence awaits Lebanon in the summer of 2007.

Nabih Berri threatens to resign from the parliament.

A big Surprise in the Cabinet will occur soon.

A figure from the Shia will die a natural death.

The Assassinations of Lebanese politicians will continue.

The opposition in Lebanon will become the government and the old government will become the opposition.

Ships along the Lebanese Shores form something like a military base.

International leaders will be attending a big funeral in Mount Lebanon.

For the first time in Lebanon there will be Winners and Losers.

The Arab nations will send Mossad agents to the Rafic El Hariri international airport.

Suleiman Franjieh will be accused of the Hariri Assassination. Several millions of dollars will be paid to put his name in the suspect list which will cause tension in Lebanon

Nasrallah tone of speech will be harsher and some dangerous truth will be revealed.

A Sunni personality from Lebanon will be attacked, the shia will be accused but the Mossad will be behind it.

One of the four people in prison will be freed and the rest will go to court.

One of the parliamentary blocs in Lebanon will be overthrown.

Few figures will leave the Free Patriotic Movement (Tayyar group)

A Judge figure from Lebanon will die.

A Person in Lebanon will be accused of Money laundering through false names.

Three Lebanese Deputies will die.

The Lebanese court will be subdivided to many sub-tribunals each having a different role.

A civil war might enter from Iraq to Lebanon. Lebanese must be careful and aware.

see also: Samir Zaiter Arab International Predictions 2007

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