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Samir Zaiter Arab International Predictions 2007

Here are the Arab and International Predictions of Samir Zaiter for the year 2007.

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An important Syrian figure will be targeted.

A Syrian figure will have a bad health conditions.

Syrian opposition members will be captured causing the human right groups to speak.

Syria will hand in some personalities to the international court.

Syria will face Kurdish uproar about separatism.

Palestine will be run by two governments which might lead to a civil war.

The Americans will suffer from a huge explosion in one of the military areas.

Large Demonstrations will occur in Egypt.

A Saudi leader will die, tension in the royal family arises, dangerous happenings will occur in Saudi Arabia.

Iraq enters a civil war and gets subdivide into cantons.

Turkey will enter a war with Kurds.

Violence threatening the security in Syria will be stopped.

Pakistan shall witness a change in the Musharraf regime.

A failed attempt on the life of Palestinian President.

Iran will own a nuclear bomb and have progress in advanced space technology.

Humans will hear about one or two new discovered planets.

see also: Samir Zaiter Lebanon Predictions 2007

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