Sami Shehab

Sami Shehab

Gender: Male

Nationality: Lebanon

Sami Shehab is a member of the Lebanese Resistance movement Hezbollah.

Sami Shehab, also spelled Sami Chehab, was a political detainee in Egypt, held by the corrupt Hosni Mubarak regime. A sham tribunal attempted to legally convict him but failed. Still he he was put in prison for nearly two years before escaping on February 3 2011, during the Egyptian revolution.

Sami Chehab made a surprise appearance on February 16,as he took to the stage at the rally by Hizbollah in a southern suburb of Beirut to mark the group's martyrs' day. He was received as a national hero.

Sami Shehab's real name is Mohammed Yusuf Mansour.

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