Sami Clark

Sami Clark

Gender: Male

Nationality: Lebanon

Job Title: Singer

Sami Clark is a Lebanese singer, musician and one of the most important Lebanese artists.

His real name is Sami Hobeika, but Sami Clark was used in order to facilitate the pronunciation of the name in particular foreign languages. His name is also sometimes written Sammy Clark, Samy Klark, or Sammi Clarc.

Sami Clark was born and raised in the village of Al Dhour. He Won many prizes in music festivals in Bulgaria, Germany, France, Greece, Austria, in the late sixties in the seventies.

Sami also sang the opera itself, and the western style which took him to stardom, He sang his famous song "Mori Mori" in English , a song composed by musician Elias El Rahbani.

Clark also sang in French, Italian, Armenian, Greek, German, Russian, and succeeded in singing in the mixing of language between Arabic and others.

Sami Clark Participated in children programs of the eighties especialy in the famous cartoon Grindayizer and the Treasure Island.

Sami Clark best songs include:
Ah Ala Hal Iyam
Oomi Taneros Ya Sabiyeh
Eltili Wnatartini
Mory Mory
Khaliki Hawn

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