Rosarita Tawil

Rosarita Tawil

Gender: Female

Nationality: Lebanon

Rosarita Tawil is a beautiful Lebanese girl who was crowned as Miss Lebanon 2008 on friday 12th july 2008.

Rosarita Al Tawil is from lebanon born in the year 1987. She competed with 18 contestants from accross Lebanon for the title of miss lebanon 2008- 2009.

Rosarita was crowned by Miss Lebanon 2007, Nadine Njeim during a special night, on a big stage, answering critical questions.

Rosarita Tawil is a Business Administration student the American university of Beirut.

Rosarita plans to represent Lebanon in an honorable way.

Height: 178 cm Weight: 58 kg
Hobby: reading, swimming, and travel.

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Questions & Answers with Rosarita Tawil

What is ambitious in general?
Ambition to become a retired woman in society.

What is the ambition through participation in the election contest beauty queen in Lebanon?
To represent Lebanon abroad through the prestigious competition, certainly left me feeling most beautiful memories.

What has the ball in the other person? Numerical three specifications.
Deceit, selfishness and Altgrv.

Why do they hate us in yourself?
I love myself and I thank God for every blessing

Dream man specifications?
-At the level of form: a long, dark eyes and of vegetables.
-On the personal level: a sensitive, decent, loyal, sincere bean me.

The nicest gift wish to receive the festival of generators:
Seal of marriage from a person like him, but in the 25 birthday, and is currently a small dog because I love animals

Three colors your favorites:
Black and white and red.

Loving the country to visit and why?
Italy beautiful country of tourism

I remembered the name of a woman is considered a benchmark "for beauty:
- At the local level: the Dead Franjieh - Harihan
- Global: Ursula Andres.

Describe your relationship with women, and to what extent we are committed to fashion lines?
I see women every day because I love that showed in a shape that is nice and tidy, wore the wind and proportionate and appropriate formality.

What these words mean to you? (One word or short phrase)
- Beauty: Nima
- Finance: means
- Fame: a double-edged sword
- Victory: pride
- Loss: the experience
- Jewelry: richer
- Television: globalization.
- Time: gold
- Science: Force
- Travel: discovery
- Childhood: innocence
- Family: bill
- Marriage: Love

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