Rola Yamout

Rola Yamout

Gender: Female

Nationality: Lebanon

Job Title: Singer

Rola Yamout is an aspiring Lebanese singer, half sister of Haifa Wehbe.

Rola Yamout became famous after attacking the iconic diva Hayfa Wehbeh in the press, with the help of Nidal Al Ahmadieh through the tabloid magazine Al Jaras.

Rola Yamout was originally referred to as Rola Wehbe to accentuate her family tie to Haifa, and give a push to her career.

Before their reconciliation, the two sisters were in a publicized feud for almost 5 consecutive years, with Rola accusing Haifa of getting in the way of her career. Rola also befriended her sister's sworn rival Rola Saad. Rola accused Haifa of physical abuse, as well as causing the ill-being of her mother, whereas Haifa sued Rola, but later dropped the charges.

See also Jardelle Wehbe.

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