Rodney El Haddad

Rodney El Haddad

Gender: Male

Nationality: Lebanon

Job Title: Director

Rodney El Haddad is a Lebanese Actor, Director, Writer and an Acting Coach.

He is a Member of the SACD (Société des Auteurs et Compositeurs Dramatiques- France)

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2010 - 2011: Scriptwriter of “Where Do We Go Now”, Winner of the Francois Chalet Prize, Cannes Festival.

2011: Actor in “Beirut Hotel” by Daniel Arbid.

2010: Actor in the movie “Carlos” for Canal Plus by Olivier Assayas (official selection in Cannes Film Festival).

2009: Actor in the role of Judas in the film “Gibran” by Samir Habchi.

2008: Actor in “Doukhan Bala Nar/ Beirut Open City” by Samir Habchi.

2008: Writer & Director for the short film “Fair Play for Fair Games”.

2007: Acting Coach for the movie “Baher Al Noujoum” (not credited).

2005: Actor in “Bosta”.

2005: Scriptwriter of “Sikar Banet/Caramel”.

2004: Writer of the Poetry Narration for the documentary “Min Rouh El Inab” for Ksarak.

2002: Actor in the short film “Musique Sur La Lune”. Winner of the Kamar D’or for best performance.

2002: Scriptwriter for the film “Forget the Car” based on the novel “Insi AL Siyara” by Rachid Al Daiif.

1997: Actor in the short film “Un Souffle”.

2009: Co-Writer for “Sar Lezem Nihki” with Lina Khoury

2008: Writer, Director, & Actor in the Radio Play “Edwar w Alice”, produced for Sawet el Ghad.

2003: Actor in “Kama Ala Al-Ard Kazalika min Fawouk”, by Ghassan Rahbani, in Beirut.

2002: First Assistant Director in “Uncle Vanya” by Antoine Chekov, directed by Yacoub Al Chidrawy.

2002: Writer & Director of “Weather Fairys” & “ Chocolat Show”, in Dubai.

2000: Actor in “Sacrifize”, in a workshop with Marco Balliany, Antonella, & Michelle Abondanza, that was performed in Italy, France, Egypt, Tirana, & Lebanon.

1999: Actor in “Faust”, in a workshop with Jairo Questa & James Koviak (Disciples of Jerzi Grotowsky), in Beirut.

1999: Actor in “Charbel”, directed by Rymond Jbara, in Beirut.

1998: Actor in Les Schtroumphs , in Beirut.

1998: Actor in “Les Chaises”, by Eugene Ionesco, in Beirut.

1998:Actor in “Pelle D’Azinno” directed by Marco Balliany, in a workshop in Italy. (The play performed in Italy & Lebanon).

1997: Actor in “Hanibaal” directed by Yacoub Al-Chidrawi, in Beirut.

1997: Actor in La danse du Loup, in Beirut.

1996: Actor in “Cinder’s”, in Beirut.

2006: Actor in “Al Sajinah”, directed by Samir Habshi.

2002: Writer in the sitcom “Hotel Paradiso” :“Oumnia 1”, “Oumnia 2”, “Dream”, “Black and White”, produced by Ceaders of Arabia.

Web Series:
2011: Actor in Shankaboot, the 2011 International Emmy Award Winner.

Scriptwriter of “Where Do We Go Now” - Winner of the Francois Chalais Award, Cannes Festival

Scriptwriter of "Caramel" - Directors Fortnight selection 2007
San Sebastian Film Festival Youth Award 2007
San Sebastian Film Festival TCM Audience Award 2007
San Sebastian Film Festival Sebastiane Award 2007

Movie “Carlos” - Official selection in Cannes Film Festival

Actor in "Shankaboot" - Emmy for Best Web Drama
- Film “Musique Sur La Lune" - Kamar D’or for best performance

2007: Trainer & Director for youngsters with The Social Movement NGO.
2003: Acting Coach for “Silent Spectacle” in a workshop for youngsters.

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