Rimas Almas

Rimas Almas

Gender: Female

Nationality: Saudi Arabia

Job Title: Singer

Rimas almas also known as Remas Almass is an Arab Singer who was born on the 29th of April 1989 in Saudi Arabia.

Rimas started her career with the singer Saud Jaber Alkasr, through the operetta, "Children under the Shelling," which dealt with all wars in the Arab countries, those taking place in Iraq, Palestine and Lebanon.

It is believed that famous composer Farouk El Sharnouby had discovered her voice and encouraged her to sing. Rimas launched her career from Egypt, the country of art and mother home to many arab singers.

Remas name is derived from Al Remas which is a special unique type of diamonds that are very rare and expensive

Jay Ytmahak is the name of the first song which she shot as video clip.

On Television, Rimas Almas took role along side Syrian actress Joumana Murad in a Television series which was directed by Hamdi Al Ibrashi.

In the month of Janurary 2011, Rimas Almass launched her debut album entitled Zaaltak.

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