Rima El Zayed

Rima El Zayed

Gender: Female

Nationality: Lebanon

Job Title: Singer

Rima El Zayed is a Lebanese singer who became popular in the nineties. Her first appearance was during the 1993 Studio El Fan, when she won the honour title for the Tarab songs for that year. She sang tarabi songs mostly for legendary arab singer, Souad Mohamad. Rima Zayed was born on the 31st of August in Lebanon.

Her first album was entitled "Lon Hawak" (The color of your love) and contained a number of hit songs such as: Hobak Haga Taniya, Habibi Kol Thaniya and El Kibra La Alla. She collaborated with Lebanese director Ousama Harik and released a video clip for the song Lon Hawak.

Her second album was entitled "Siboni Aish" (Let me live). The album contained the hit songs: Ajib Amrak, Enta El Houb, Wahda Be Wahda and Houra which was released as a video.

In the early years of 2000, Rima moved away from Lebanon. Around the year 2011, she came back to Lebanon and decided to engage more in the music scene. Her come back was accompanied with a variety of looks: The blond, the curly haired and the beautiful Rima that everyone missed, just got even better.

Currently Rima El Zayed lives in the area of Ajaltoun, Mount Lebanon. She sings mostly at Al-Akarem restaurant in Jounieh, performing along side Lebanese singer Haitham Haidar. Rima had a special performance in New-years eve at Plaza Palace, Tabarja with Lebanese comedian Elie Ayoub.

El Zayed sings in many arabic dialects such as: Lebanese, Gulf, Egyptian and Iraqi.

Rima studied singing at the National Conservatory of Superior music in in Beirut. Her high school studies were done at the "chateau des sciences modernes" in Beirut.

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