Rene Chalhoub

Rene Chalhoub

Gender: Female

Nationality: Lebanon

Job Title: Singer

Rene Chalhoub also known as Reneh Shalhoub or is a Lebanese singer who was mostly famous in the late eighties and early nineties. She became famous after her role in Studio El Fan. She has two albums and ten songs Andak Haq (you are right) and Love is King (Hawa Sultan) which were composed by Samir Sfier.

Rene Chalhoub has one album released in the market and was a big success for her career.

After getting married in 2007, Renee Shalhoub came back to the music scene with a third album produced by Music Magic. The album included 8 new songs, in both the Lebanese and the Gulf dialect. The songs were composed by George Mardirosean and Antoine Al Shaak.

On the 19th of August 2011, René Chalhoub took part in the Ehmej Festival; She sang along side Lebanese male singer Tony Kiwan.

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