Remi Bendali

Remi Bendali

Gender: Female

Nationality: Lebanon

Job Title: Singer

Remi Bandali is a Lebanese child singer from the 80’s.

Remi Bandali, also written Re-Mi Bendali or Remy Bandali is a famous child singer born on the 4th of July 1979, in Tripoli Lebanon.
Like most child singers, Remi’s passion for music was mostly inculcated by her parents Hoda Sidawi and Rene Bandali. Her father Rene, incidentally a smart singer and composer, played a major role in the success of the charming little Remi; Remi was in a way a family project of the Bandali Family!

Remi Bandali released many children songs and albums, that at only the tender age of four! In a very short time, Remi became the symbol of a melancholic war-scarred childhood that most Lebanese children and their distressed parents identified with at the time. Her hit song “Give us a chance” (Atouna Ettufouleh) was such a big success, that she was the guest star of the legendary French TV host Michel Drucker at the Champs-Elysées France in 1985.

Remi Bandali’s first album was produced by el Nahar, and written by her mother Hoda and grandmother Lina Abou Rustom, with the help of George Yammine. Her following albums were produced by her own father Rene Bandali under his production company called 3R production (aka Ré-Mi records , Ré-Mi studios , and Ré-Mi style).

Remi Bandali toured the world with her heart warming performances, and showered everyone with joy and happiness. She had more than 70 songs, including Imani Ahla Iman, Ya amar, Teer w’alli ya hamam, Baba, and Reje3 el kharif….Remi released more than 5 albums, the last of which was composed by Abdo Mounzer in 1998. Remi Bandali also starred in a special movie called “Wishes Under a Rainbow” (Amani Ta7ta KawsiKouza7) directed by Samir Khoury in 1985.

Unfortunately, Remi Bandali’s charm gradually faded as she grew older, and so did her fame. Like many child singers, Remi found it hard to reproduce her earlier success. Yet to this date, all the now fully grown men and women who were lucky enough to share their childhood with Remi Bandali still hum fervently many of her hit songs, with sweet nostalgia! In the eyes of all, Remi is still that little girl singing for hope.

Remi got married in 2008, then moved to Ghana where she was employed as a music tutor at the Lebanese Maronite School of Accra. She later moved to Sweden.

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