Rajwa Said

Rajwa Said

Gender: Female

Nationality: Lebanon

Job Title: Predictor

Rajwa Said (or Rajwa Saeed) is a Lebanese fortune teller, Tarot reader and numerologist. She is also an expert in the science of name interpretation, and predicts luck and fortune based on a person's name.

Rajwa Said is often a guest on Arab TV stations, such as Hia TV, to speak about Tarot Cards and numerology. She also gives live readings on air to the callers. (Abraj Rajwa Said)

Rajwa Said also works with horoscopes, making her knowledgeable in almost all areas of predictions.

Rajwa Said 2011 Numerology Predictions:

The number 4, according to the science of numbers and numerology will control the course of the year 2011 (1 +1 +2 = 4), noting that this year in its total is similar to that of 1930, which also equals 13 (3 +1 = 4). This means similar events will take place. This defines a world in which unemployment and financial problems are largely present.

On the other hand, the cosmic year 1939, totals 4 (1 +9 +3 +9 = 22 and 2 +2 = 4) and the number 4 is a number of a mandatory path leading to unexpected surprises ahead, and even chaos.

2011 is under the influence of 4 which in turn symbolizes the following:

- Family and work.

- People who fall under the influence of this number are inclined to stubbornness.

- Limitations in work.

- No facilitation in matters of money, issues of work and home.

- The smallest details will be analyzed, or criticized and people will be held accountable.

In Tarot knowledge, the number 4 symbolizes achievement of goals that may require some time to reap the fruits.

Zodiac sign most affected in the Year 2011 is
Cancer and persons who have the following letters in their names M, D, V.

For those who have the letter D in their first name: 2011 will be a year of work and family, and could suffer financial difficulties. If the letters N, R, Y, I come after the letter D, such people should pay extra attention to their health. But if the letter D is followed by the letters H, K, extra attention should be placed on transportation, travel or movement.

Those who have the letter M in their first name: should pay attention to their health. They might however get married this year.

In terms of money: they will get material problems between them and some close associates or relatives.

At the level of work: fatigue, and a period of stagnation.

At the level of emotion: tendency for stability, if married may live a passionate affair or fling. Responsibilities abound.

At the level of health: attention to back pains, arthritis or teeth.

Those withe the letter V in their first name: important projects await, also an improvement in financial position and could pay off debts or establish new projects on solid foundations.

Health is good, except for some pain in the joints and the intestine.

At the professional level: especially good year for people who work in international companies.

Emotionally: well and have the support of family.

Rajwa Said: General Predictions for 2011

- Problems in marriages.

- A new treatment contributes to reproduction.

- A surge in attendance of people to psychologists.

- Declaration of bankruptcy of one of the world-renowned auto companies.

- Innovation and invention of a new means of transport.

- Spread of disease related to high tension.

- Limitation in work and employment.

- Earthquakes in north-west of the globe.

- Diplomacy may play an important role in negotiating the end of small wars.

Rajwa Saeed Horoscopes 2011:

Born on 1st month: Will feel the inertia, may be inclined towards change in work, especially if there is an ambition to travel. Suffer emotional disappointments. Some might live liaisons, but the chances of success will not be significant. Health-wise, attention to the neck, shoulders and urinary tract.

Born on 2nd Month: Will improve financial position, but fights a lot because of envy of others, but will find solutions to some intractable problems. Will take important emotional decisions. Health-wise, attention to bowel and urinary tract.

Born Month 3: Be careful; collapse of planned project, will be required to formulate solution on new basis in order to get out of the shock that was intercepted at the beginning of the year. May be preoccupied with the subject of real estate. Health-wise, may suffer from some skin problems.

Born Month 4: Great hope in achieving goals successfully with the support of people in entourage. Preparing for marriage or draft a new labor contract. Health-wise, attention to the respiratory system.

Born Month 5: Disappointments on the domestic level. If work in trade or business, conditions rather average. Health-wise, attention to the knees and the nervous system.

Born Month 6: good situation and news, and financial conditions to improve. Be warned not to rush things. Health-wise, those over fifty, Pay attention to the heart and those below this age to the eyes and head.

Born Month 7: breakthroughs, partnership, plannings for new private projects. Suffer some confusion or hesitation. Health-wise, attention to stomach and heart.

Born Month 8: If you intend to travel, open doors for you, and if you have a project on hold or problems with someone there will be breakthroughs. Health-wise, spasms in the muscles of the heart.

Born Month 9: Be careful not to rush things and should limit the influence of your entourage on you. Will go through difficult financial circumstances, but will improve in Month 11. Health-wise, attention to the knees and muscles, may suffer anemia.

Born Month 10: changes, good financial situation, travel and move from one place to another. Health-wise,attention to the heart and knees.

Born Month 11: Assume the responsibilities of a large family, encounters obstacles and will make an important emotional decision. Success at work and overcomes all difficulties. Health-wise, may suffer problems in the glands.

Born 12 months: Transition from one place to another. Plans for travel, and if you wanted a child will have one. Health-wise,attention to the vocal cords and the urinary tract.

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