Rabih El Khawli

Rabih El Khawli

Gender: Male

Nationality: Lebanon

Job Title: Singer

Rabih El Khawli started his singing career from a Lebanese show called Studio Elfan in 1980. Ever since then his popularity has gone from Lebanon to most of the arab countries including, Syria, Jordon, Palestine, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, and the entire Gulf region. Rabih is loved in countries like Algeria, Tunisia, Morroco, Libya, Egypt and Moritania.

Rabih Al Khawli was extremely known by most of the Arabic speaking people around the world due to his world famous concerts in places like Paris, London, Australia, Sweden, Africa, and the entire South and North American regions.

Singer Rabih Khawli stopped work for sometime then resumed his work after the death of his brother, Salim El Khawli in a motorcycle accident. His first appearance was on New Year's Eve and Fitr feast at Blue Velvet Nightclub. Rabih received the year 2000 with a number of new songs by the best composers and lyricists.

Around the early 2000 rabih decided to stop his music career and he joined Priesthood.

Rabih can still be seen on Television from time to time singing at lebanese churches during some religious events.

Rabih first website was created back in the 1999 by his cousin, Richard El Khawli, the site was considered one of the oldest websites around however around the year 2004 the website was put offline.

This is a website for Rabih El Khawli with his biography, music, and history.

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