Pascale Sakr

Pascale Sakr

Gender: Female

Nationality: Lebanon

Job Title: Singer

Pascale Sakr was Born in Zahle, Lebanon from Etienne and Alexandra Sakr. Pascale began singing at the age of four.

The Rahbani Brothers influenced pascal sakr by their music and style.

Her professional career started after she met Elias Rahbani by coincidence at a school singing contest.
Pascale Sakr is married to Karl Zacca, Pascale has two children, Alexander and Annabelle.

Pascale got a degree in Law from the Jesuit University in 1987
Her hobbies include, Swimming, listening to music, and going to exotic restaurants.

Hopelessly devoted to you by Olivia Newton John is one of her Favourite songs

The 6th Sense and Gladiator are pascale's favourite movies.

Fairuz is her Favourite arab singer and Celine Dion is her Favourite international singer.

Gene Hackman, Kevin Costner, Hugh Grant are her favourite actors.

Pascale Sakr loves to visit exotic restaurants and eating Lobster.

Pascale Sakr hates people who lie and she loves Peace.

The Holy Bible is her favorite book.

Pascale Sakr Professional career started in 1981, when Elias Rahbani sent Pascale to Germany at Rostock festival where she won a special prize, with (Oh Babe).

Pascale And Melhem Baraket
She sang many patriotic, classical, religious and love songs that Elias Rahbani composed for her, such as:

* Ya Sarek Makatibi
* Min Alb el Damar
* Sheta'nalek ya Beirut
* Rishoo el Fil
* Baadak ya Habibi
* Rah
* Min Omri
* Waad Ya Lebnan
* and others

She also worked with Wadih El Safi
* Ayouha el Rabu Elahi
* Nassita am Tazkouru
* Dunia al Hawa

Rehearsal Elias Rahbani Concert
Mansour Rahbani - Biddallak Sayfi

Melhem Barakat:
* Gharrabou
* Bteshkili Aameen

Antoine Gebara:
* Ardak el Karami
* Watani

Wajdy Shaya:
* Anta Habibi
* Ya Hami el Hema
* Yemken

Pascale has also worked with Ihssan Mounzer, Charles Chelala, Zaki Nassif and Joseph Khalife amongst others.

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