Oumeima El Khalil

Oumeima El Khalil

Gender: Female

Nationality: Lebanon

Job Title: Singer

Oumeima El Khalil is a famous Lebanese singer who was born in the village of Al Fakiha in the year 1966.

Oumeima El Khalil started singing at the age of 12. She comes from a family who appreciates music.

After pursuing her secondary studies in the city of Bekaa, she relocated to the capital city of Beirut where she studied music and vocalization.

Famous singer Marcel Khalifé discovered Oumeima at an early age. He gave her the chance to sing as a solo artist in his Band (Al Mayadin). As a result, her own songs got interpreted worldwide as she performed with Marcel Khalifé and his band in many concerts around the world.

In the year 1994, Oumeima El Khalil released her first album entitled Khalleeni Ghanneelak. The album contained nine amazing songs:

- Ejtah
- Idayk
- Deema
- Inta wil Ghenniyeh
- El Hilwa Di
- Al Kamanjat
- Rah Sammeek
- Ilet Bekteblak
- Minon Hinne

In the year 2000, She released her second album entitled Oumeima - 2000. The album contained 12 new songs.

- Mazzaj
- La Tedik
- Asfour
- Ya Habibi
- Nasma
- Bodi Elli Bahibbo
- Marrat
- Albi Il Atshan
- El Hawaa
- Zorouni
- Nasma
- Ya Habibi remix 1940

Five years later, She released her third album Oumeima ya... Whirling like a Darwish.

- Ya Sidi
- Daret El Kahwe
- Ouhibouka Akthar
- Ila Akhirihi
- Leih ?
- Shab W Sabiye
- Iyam
- Laff (Music)
- Mazaj (Remix)

In the year 2008, A Collection of her best songs was released which included some of her best performances to date such as:
- Asfour
- Sleep little One
- The Returnee
- Aasfour
- Children and the Wolf
- Mirror Moon
- Shodi Alike
- A Child
- I Love You More

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