Nour singer

Nour singer

Nour is a Lebanese singer from Deir el Ahmar, North Lebanon. Her real name is Myriam Deeb.

Elie Chalouhi the owner of EC Production gave her the name Nour or Noor (which means light) to make light of the new artist in a different way.

Nour launched her debut album entitled (A to Z) Minna El Alif Ela Al Yaa "from the ground up" in Venice Hotel in Beirut.

Nour, looks like Yara singer, who came from the same town of Dayr El Ahmar, It is good to note that Elissa also was born in this same town.

The Album of Nour includes nine songs in which she cooperated with a many known poets such as, Kamal Qubeisi, Ahmad Madi. She also worked with composers Salah Al Kurdi, Yahya Al Hasan and Nabil Ajram.

Noor has collaborated with singer Ziad Bourji in two songs, "I want an End" and "Sho Sobei".

Ziad recently left EC Production after a dispute between him and the owner, Eli Chalouhi. This led to the suspension of a duet song, which was supposed to be between him and the singer Nour.

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