Nour El Sherif

Nour El Sherif

Gender: Male

Nationality: Egypt

Nour El Sherif is a famous Egyptian actor, who was born on the 28th of April 1946 in the neighbourhood of Al Saieda Zainab in Cairo. His real name is Mohamad Jeber Hairan Arab.

In the year 1972, Nour got married to Poussi an Egyptian actress, together they filmed a number of romantic movies in the 70s and 80s. In the year 2006, the couple got divorced. They had two daughters, Sarah and Mai El Sherif.

Before becoming an actor, Nour El Sherif used to play soccer.

His first movie was Kasr El Shawk in 1967, followed by Bint min el banat 1968.

In 2008, he took the role of Awadain in the movie Laylat El-Baby Doll.

In 2009 he appeared in the Television series Matkhafoush.

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