Nicole Ballan

Nicole Ballan

Gender: Female

Nationality: Lebanon

Nicole Ballan is a famous Lebanese Beauty Pageant candidate.

Nicole Ballan was born in 1970. In the year 1995, Nicole Ballan was crowned as Miss Lebanon runner-up.

During the year 1995,Ballan (25 at the time) and her boyfriend Marwan Kayrouz, the manager of the Etoile Suite, filmed a-home-made 'scandalous' movie. What became known as Nicole Ballan Porn Movie was mysteriously leaked to traders in October of the year 1995, causing a nationwide scandal.

On Thursday 21st of March 1996, a Beirut prosecutor demanded up to a year in jail for a Nicole Ballan. Nicole was accused of violating the public decency by starring in a home-made pornographic video which became a hit in Lebanon and soon across the Arab countries.

According to Judicial sources, the state prosecutor at that time, Fawzi Dagher had filed a lawsuit demanding a jail sentence of up to a year for her boyfriend Marwan Kayrouz also and two other men allegedly involved in marketing the 20 minute porn film. Nicole Ballan 20 porn film was sold at up to $100 a copy!

Ballan had said she intends to defend herself against the vicious campaign and to uncover the perpetrators.

Judicial authorities then said Ballan and her boyfriend could face one year in jail if found guilty of making the film with an intent to market it.

Nicole Ballan later continued to model, and also worked for Traditional Abaya designers and souvenirs shops.

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