Nicolas Mouawad

Nicolas Mouawad

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Gender: Male

Nationality: Lebanon

Job Title: TV Host

Nicolas Mouawad is a Lebanese Television host and actor.

Nicolas Mouawad was born on the 22nd of February 1979. He studied Dramatic Art and graduated in 2002 from the Fine Arts Institute of the Lebanese University. He also studied Civil Engineering.

Nicolas Mouawad first became known for hosting Rotana Cafe (2003-2009), a Live daily show which used to air on ROTANA T.V.
2003 – 2009. He was later offered Bil Arkam, a daily news segment on Murr Television - MTV Lebanon.

After his great success as an anchorman (and the attention he got from the female viewers), Nicolas was showered with acting offers both for TV series and cinema. The activ young man soon added to his long CV the titles of theater actor, director and even producer!

For a short while Nicolas Mouawad dated Rita Hayek.

Television Series:

“Metl el Kezb” tv series by Walid Fakhreddine. 2010.
“Ila Yara” tv series by Elie Maalouf. L.B.C.I. 2010.
“Dahaya el Madi” tv series by Claude Abou Haydar. L.B.C.I. 2010.
“Mouftarak tarik” tv series by Claude Abou Haydar. N.T.V. 2009.
“Forsa” tv series by Claude Abou Haydar. L.B.C.I. 2009.
“Al Wahch wa Jamila” TV Film by Elie Adabachi. L.B.C.I. 2007.
“Kassawat al Ramad” TV Film by Elie Adabachi. L.B.C.I. 2007.
“Olga” TV Film by Elie Adabachi L.B.C.I. 2007.
“Helm Adar” tv series by Marwan Najjar L.B.C.I. 2006.
“Al Taghia” tv series by Marwan Najjar L.B.C.I. 2005.


“Red Freedom” long feature by Hussein Kassimi Jami - 2004. Leading role actor.
“Cadillac Blues” short feature by Mazen Khaled - 2001.
Leading role actor.
“Belt of Fire” long feature by Bahij Hojeij - 1999.
Supporting role actor....


Minne elak” Live interactive talk-show
Sat 7 tv – Jan 2009 till present
“M.T.V. alive“ Live daily morning show including different segments: cooking, workout, bloc-note, re-looking, social... M.T.V. – 2009.
“Aghani Aghani” and “NRJ” Live music shows
M.T.V. – 2009.
“Tc & cu” Live daily kids show
M.T.V. – 2009.
“At M.T.V.” Live daily interactive show
M.T.V. – 2009.
“Log in” Live daily show
M.T.V. – 2009.
“Preview” Live to tape weekly movie show
M.T.V. – 2009.
“Eli Ana” music video - 2005.
“H.I.Vie” Docudrama – 2002.


“Rotana café”: Studiovision for ROTANA T.V. – 2008 - 2009 Segment Producer.
“Mission Fashion 2”: Imagic for L.B.C.I. – 2007
Artistic and Creative Producer.
“Album: noujoum el arab”: Imagic for M.B.C. – 2007
Artistic and Creative Producer.

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