Nicolas El Osta

Nicolas El Osta

Gender: Male

Nationality: Lebanon

Job Title: Singer

Nicolas Osta also known as Nkola El Osta was born in Zahleh, Lebanon on the 3rd of December 1966.

Nicola El Osta is married to Mirna Khalil, He has two daughters Sarah El Osta and Maria El Osta

Extracurricular Activities :

Boy-Scout (wolf-venture scout-guide)

Education: Achieved school studies in Zahleh at “the King Christ School , Barbara school and Antonine Sisters School ”.

University Degrees : BA in musicology from USEK University .

Awards and Honours

Qualified to some impressing contests:

- Highly valued in the program of “Nadi el Nawadi”on LBC.

- Won the gold medal with honor in the program of “Studio el Fan”1988

- Awarded as the “Concerts Star” from the Radio of Mount Lebanon.1994-1995

- honored by more than 60 decorations from Lebanon and foreign countries.

- Mentioned “qualified” by the Lebanese President “Elias el Hrawi”

- Selected to present a Concert as a donation to the “hospital of heart” for the Lebanese authorities in Canada .

- Selected to represent his country Lebanon in more than 20 Concerts with the Ministry of foreign affairs.

- Qualified as the symbol of loyalty and friendship all his other artist colleagues.

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