Nicolas Abou Samah

Nicolas Abou Samah

Gender: Male

Job Title: Producer

Nicola Abu Samah is the founder and owner of Lebanese production company Filmali. He is also a director and a producer.

Abou Samah has produced a set of the most important Cartoon series dubbed into Arabic like Sindbad, Treasure Island, Zina and Nahoul, Remi, Sasouki and Al Sanafer (The Smurfs).

In another Era namely the late eighties it is said that he was the leader in dubbing into the Arabic language the first Mexican Television serials.

Nicola Abu had along with his wide Mary Bidin owned and operated the TV station "Antenne Plus" in Lebanon, which was shut down after the enactment of the media protocols in Lebanon in the mid-nineties.

Today Nicola Abu Samah owns the Specialized Women channel in Arab World called "Heya".

As a director, some of Nicola Abu Samah's works include:

White mask (Al Kinaa Al Abyad) - TV Series 1974

Notes nurse (Mozakaarat Momarida) - TV Series 1973

Mukhtar seven seas (Moukhtar El Saba Bahrat)- TV Series 1969

Ramadan Mshr (philanthropist) - TV Series 1967

Patience of Ayoub (Ya Saber Ayoub) - TV Series 1967

Ghawar (Makalib Ghawar Al Toshi) - TV Series 1967

Adventures of Nader (Moghamarat Nader) - TV Series 1965

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