What seems to be like the latest version of Maria Elaab has recently hit the market, with similar physical attributes, vocal qualities, in addition to the childlike or Lolita attitude. Mayssa sings Alo Alo; silly lyrics and a just as clever video but a very smart melody, musical distribution and sound effects that literally stick into your head after a while. That is the secret!

And that's why so many models who have entered the music/entertainment business have managed to pull it off, despite their poor vocal talents.

This actually has a very positive outcome that contradicts the say that our music is in the era of dreadful decadence. This is going to give a boost to talented music writers and DJs, who will soon start launching music-only CDs, and take back from singers what they have been robbed off for so long: popularity and recognition. It is about time we realized that a good voice only bears the secondary role in the success or failure of dance songs, to the benefit of music, beat and melody, which are determinant factors.

Hopefully, we will stop having to go through another one of those annoying TV interviews where the singer acts like god on earth, pretending to be the last authentic talent, while bashing the competition.

They have been over-inflated into stardom and need to step down to their original and logical size.

Another smart entertainer, Nissrine Zreik, has launched a new hit single Khalini Maak, along with a very interesting video. The song is club material. So here again, the singer's voice is in the background, just to add a human feel to the loud frenetic music. Yehya Saade directed the video, which turned out to be very rich in style, concept and execution. He definitely is the crazy version of Nadine Labaki. He is such an uninhibited man, even in his personal life, and it shows in his work.

to be continued...

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