Najat Al Saghira

Najat Al Saghira

Gender: Female

Nationality: Egypt

Job Title: Singer

Nagat Al Saghira also known as Najat El Sagheera. Her real name is Nagat Mohammad Mahmoud. She is a famous egyptian singer who was born in Cairo, Egypt.

Nagat father was Mohammad Hosni Effendi was a calligrapher, who played the Oud very well.

Nagat Al Saghira has an elder bother called Ezzeldien who wrote music for her.

Nagat Al Saghira is the older sister of the diva actress Souad Hosni who died in a mysterious accident in the mid 2000s.

Nagat started signing at age of five, when she sang a song called Ghanni ya Karawan a famous Umm Kulthoum, she sang that great song at the Oriental Music Hall in Cairo.

Nagat was called Al Saghira (the Younger) to differentiate her from Nagat Ali another famous singer at the time.

Some of Nagat Al Saghiera popular songs include:

Irgaa Leya (Come back to me)
Alfe Ahwahu (I love you a thousand times)
Asaluka Arihala (I beg you to let me leave)
La Takzebi (Do not lie)
Ashar Wansheghel (Up and worried)
Leih khaletni ahebak? (Why did you let met love you?
Istanani (Wait for me)
Mush hayen 'awadaek (How difficult it is to say good bye?
En kont habibi (If you are my love)
Oyon El Alb (Eyes of the heart)
Fakrah (Remember?)
Mahmah al'ayam (Whatever the days)
Mazonish yahabibi (I don't think so love)
Tifriq ketteir (It makes such a difference)
Bahlam maak (Dreaming with you)
Ana baashaa el Baher (I love the Sea)

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