Nadia Lutfi

Nadia Lutfi

Gender: Female

Nationality: Egypt

Nadia Lutfi also known as Nadia Loutfi or Nadia Lotfi is a classical Egyptian actress who was famous during the fifties and sixties.

Nadia Lutfi was born on the 3rd of Janurary 1938 in Cairo, Egypt. She was born to an Egyptian father and a Polish Mother. Her name by birth was Paula Mohamed Mostafa Shafiq, She later changed it to Nadia Loutfi.

Lutfi is considered as one of legendary actresses of the last stage of the Egyptian Golden Age Cinema Era.

In 1958, Nadia Lutfi started acting, She was twenty years old at the time. Her debut role was in a simple black and white drama named Soultan. During that time, Omar Sharif was the king of the Arab movies. His wife at the time, Faten Hamama, was considered as the queen of Egyptian cinema.

During the sixties, Nadia starred in two movies which were based on novels for famous Egyptian author Naguib Mahfouz. The movies released few years after he published his controversial novel of Moses, Jesus and Mohammed, Children of Gebelawi.

In 2006, Nadia came back to the spotlight when a videoclip of Lebanese singer, Nourhanne recreated a scene from Bayn Al Kasrain, one of her first movies.

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