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Myriam Fares

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Gender: Female

Nationality: Lebanon

Job Title: Singer

Myriam Fares is an Arabic pop star from lebanon.

Background : Myriam Fares was born on May the 3rd of 1983 in southern Lebanon. At an early age, Myriam took ballet classes and won first prize in the oriental dance category on a Kids TV show(Al Mawahib Al Saghira) which aired on an official station called Tele-Liban. In 2000, Myriam took part (and won first prize in her category) in Studio el Fan, at the time one of the top TV shows for new amateur singers broadcasted on LBC and directed by Simon Asmar. Myriam registered at the National Conservatory of Music and studied musicology for four years.

Music Career : Myriam Fares owes her earliest success to the producer and manager Jean Saliba, who also introduced stars like Elissa, Melissa and Rayan. Depending on the sources, Saliba noticed Myriam on LBC and suggested a collaboration; an alternative scenario would be that the "desperate" Myriam sough the help of Saliba at his music recording studio. (The two later split, so it is hard to get the real version).

Under the smart management of Saliba, Myriam was able to achieve an important penetration of the Arabic music market:
Under Music Is My Life, Myriam signed her first record deal with Music Master International and launched her debut album on October 21, 2003 at the Virgin Mega Store Beirut. Myriam first filmed the song "Ana Wil Shoq" with director Ghassan Koteit.
Myriam's next hit was "La Tisaalni" from her album "Myriam", with its video clip directed by Selim Turk.
Holder of a degree in the Art of Fashion Designing, and thanks to her ballet classes in childhood, Myriam would often ad her touch to the wardrobe that appeared in the videos and incorporated a few dance moves she had picked up.
The Album witnessed immediate success and became a best seller for a debut Artist. Thanks to her dynamic image, beautiful body and good voice, her music videos were among the most requested on local and cable Arabic televisions.

Since then, Myriam has released with much success 2 other albums, Nadidi (2005)and Bet'oul Eih (2008).

Image : With her beaute sauvage, big hair and great body, Myriam Fares is like a crossover between a futuristic Barbarella and a lethal warrior princess. It's like a grand fusion of different cultures. She sometimes has a weird sci-fi creepiness about her. The outrageous costumes that appear in some of her videos are quite intriguing, but always very sexy. She even pulls off wearing a baggy sirwal! Myriam Fares is a good singer and dancer; Overall she manages well enough to deliver an interesting sexy image. She is especially known for her sensual videos shot with director Yehya Saade. Myriam also ranked tenth on Top 100 Sexiest Arab Women 2010.

In her video Moukanoh Wein, Myriam Fares shows off her henna tattoo covered body in all its glory and shakes it on Arabic tribal sounds and percussions. In a more recent video shot also with Yehya in 2009, Eih Elly Byehsal, Myriam goes for a punk manga biker look!

Commercials : At the end of summer 2004, the cooperation between Myriam and Mahmoud Said succeeded in launching a new perfume carrying the name of her hit song: "Ana Wil Shoq" which was followed by the shooting of an ad for this same perfume by Myriam.
In 2007, Vodafone, a well known telecommunications company chose Myriam Fares as a media representative for the Middle East, especially Egypt. Myriam shot three TV commercials for them.
In 2008, she appeared in adverts for Sunsilk shampoo and Freshlook contact lenses.

Acting : In 2009, Myriam Fares was casted in Silina, a musical movie remake of a Rahbani's theater play.


Myriam Fares is often referred to as the COPYCAT ; Perhaps a Cat because of her feline feminine way, but mostly copycat for her constant imitation of famous international pop stars like Shakira, Beyonce Knowles , Jennifer lopez and Janet Jackson.

Myriam often reproduces Shakira and Beyonce's dance moves and refers to them as trend setters. In her recent work, she even called upon the same dance coach to instruct her and help her achieve a more convincing result.

Myriam Fares also noticed the hype that surrounds Jennifer Lopez backside, and attempted to reproduce it in the Arab World. She asked director Yehya Saade to show her assets and focus on her behind in her videos. Rampant rumors of an alleged butt insurance deal, similar to that of J-LO, were also spread.

Myrian Fares has also reproduced some of Janet Jackson's peculiar costumes and accessories, like those that appear in Call On Me and Just A Little While.

In 2010, Myriam Fares was nominated for a Banadoura d'Or Award (the Arabic version of the Razzies) in the Rip-off category, but lost the title to Madeleine Matar.

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