Muharram Fouad

Muharram Fouad

Gender: Male

Nationality: Egypt

Job Title: Singer

Muharram Fouad also known as Muharam or Mouharam Fouad is a folklore singer and of the strongest and most expressive voices.

Muharam Fouad was born on the 24th of June1934 in Cairo, Egypt.

Muharam had four brothers and four sisters. He started singing since the age of 4 years.

He sang a song which was called Rimsh Enoh (His Eye Lashes) the song got him a lot of millions of fans from around the world.

He had some heart complications and he had to go to europe to get treated, however complications with his kidneys caused continuous problems and he had to fight for life for many years. Muharam Fouad died in the year 2002 leaving the scene empty for the people who loved him.

Muharram Fouad Movies
Min Gheer Meaad - Without Arrangement
Hekayet Gharam - Love Story
Shabab Tayesh - A Reckless Youth
Ushaq al-Haya - Life Lovers
Salasel Min Harir - Chains of Silk
Wolidat Min Gadid - Born Anew
Hassan wa Na'ima - Hassan and Naeima
Lahn al-Sa'da - Tune of Happiness
Nisf Azraa - Half Virgin
Ettab - Admonition

Throughout his lifetime he sang well over 900 songs, 20 of which in praise of Palestine.

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