Mirna Khayat

Mirna Khayat

Gender: Female

Nationality: Lebanon

Job Title: Director

Mirna Khayat is a Lebanese music video director.

Khayat has worked and directed the videoclips of famous singers like Amal Hijazi, Pascale Machaalani, Nawal El Zoghby, George Wassouf, Mayssam Nahas, Nancy Ajram, Katia Harb, Amar, Yara singer , Nelly Makdessi, Hala Hadi and Amani Souissi.

Mirna was put under the spotlight after she directed a video clip for Katia Harb for her song Min Fina, the clip was a breakthough in video editing and gave Mirna a higher level in directing clips.

Mirna Khayat came to fame around the year 2003 when she worked with Amal Hijazi on the making of her videoclip for the song Romansyia, the clip was a success.

Mirna worked again on the clips of Bidawar A Albi and Mistani Eeh with Amal, both clips got very good reviews. Mirna Khayat

In the year 2005 Mirna directed two great clips for Amal for her songs Baad Sneene and Baheb Noa Kalamak, however they did not get much attention, and infact some considered them to be a failure in the music video scene. Many critics advised Amal not to work with Khayat for future clips.

In the year 2007, Mirna directed a gulf song for Nancy Ajram called Meshtagel Leh. The video was poorly received by both critics and fans, blaming Khayat for the poor reception that the video got.

Despite of the criticism, Mirna stayed in business and directed some hit clips for Pascale Machaalani such as Akbar Kedba, Tghyyart Aaliya, and Aked Aley.

Mirna also worked with Amani Souissi a winner of Star Academy 2 Lebanon.

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