Mickeal Abou Kassm

Mickeal Abou Kassm

Gender: Male

Nationality: Lebanon

Job Title: Comedian

Mickeal Abou Kassm is a Lebanese comedian and TV host.

Mickeal Abou Kassm (Mikel Abou Kassem or Michael Abou Kassem)is mostly known for hosting candid camera TV shows on Orange Television - OTV.

Mickeal Abou Kassm's first character that got him noticed was the fake Khaliji TV presenter. Because he lived part of his life in the Gulf region, Micheal knows how to adopt the correct accent that made him fool his Lebanese guests.

In 2011, Mickeal Abou Kassm played Jules in the show Ma2lab Mrattab. The fake TV director, recently repatriated from France (supposedly), teams up with the funny Liliane Nemri as the host to fool their guests and play trick on them.

As a comedian, Mickeal Abou Kassm took part in the satirical show Ovrira and the sitcom Abou El Abed and Co in which he portrayed Abed next to Michel Abou Sleiman and Liliane.

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