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Michel Hayek Middle East Predictions 2007

Michel Hayek Middle East Predictions 2007

The Predictions of Michel Hayek for the year 2007 for the Arab and Middle East Region, including Michel Hayek Predictions for Syria, Egypt, Israel, Qatar and United Arab Emirates.

- A Foreign Military Attack on Syria.

- Syria undergoes some unexpected changes in its government.

- An attack on security in Syria will be stopped.

- Foreign and Palestinian figures in Syria will be murdered.

- Negative vibes over Egypt will put President Hosni Mubarak in a bad condition.
Targeting tourist and governmental locations.

- Secretary General of the Arab League/AL/ Amr Mossa will receive several awards for his achievements, however he is also seen by michel hayek to be in a bad condition.

- Bombs will target Israeli centers despite heavy security measures.

- Many Attacks on Foreign and Arab consulates.

- A Consulate in Lebanon and another in an Arab country will be surrounded.

- Terrorist Attacks will reach Qatar and United Arab Emirates, one of these countries will face a bad time.

- The programs on Lebanese and Arab Television Stations will be suspended for some time.

- The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia will undergo changes; the Saudi women will have a role in both the politics and economics of the Kingdom.

- An Arab figure will be attacked during his visit to a foreign country.

- Abdel Halim Khadam will be in a bad condition both politically and health wise.

- The name of Ghassan Ben Jedo will be linked to some political and judicial files in attempt to counter act his fame and the awards which he will receive for his achievements.

- A visit from Lebanon to Syria and another from Syria to Lebanon will put everyone in surprise.

- A Solution will be found to the Prisoners in Israel, Syria, and Lebanon will be reached. Including The Israeli air force navigator, Ron Arad.

- A conflict between Lebanon and Syria along the borders.

- Famous figures in Lebanon and the Arab countries will commit suicide.

- A famous Israeli figure (other than Sharon) is in a coffin.

- An Arab and another Israeli Figure are suffering due to attacks on them.

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