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Michel Hayek Lebanon Predictions 2007

Michel Hayek Lebanon Predictions 2007

All the Lebanese around the world held their breaths as they listen to Michel Hayek Predictions for the next 18 months starting from January 2007.

For all those who missed the predictions of Lebanon, or for those who want to remember what he said, Lebanon Links has translated and documented the predictions for the future to unveil the reality of it all.

While Michel Hayek held his tongue for the 2006 predictions, The 2007 predictions of Hayek were not little, he talked to Tony Khalifeh on the Lebanese Broadcasting Corporation - LBC for more than 30 minutes.

Here are Michel Hayek predictions for the year 2007/2008.

- The Law court in Lebanon will be shaken twice; first it will be shaken due to an attempt to nail one of its key members.
The second time the court of justice will be shaken due to a key lawyer or law figure being followed by law.

- Quarrels and verbal fights between key political figures in Lebanon, this might lead to problems.
It all seems like a comic story taking place in one of the big political centers

- Two military figures unit and work hand in hand in a project with some known intentions. One of these figures will be in great danger.

- On the other hand, another political figure will fall trying to do work on its own.

- A key military figure will be found guilty and linked to major suspicious operations.

- A military location will be targeted by a weapon attack.

- The name of Ahmad Fatfat will work on a different line and a new strategy

- Despite the work that Jibran Bassil is doing, an attack will target him and some people around him.

- Musbah El Ahdab and Wael Bou Faour will be targeted in the same manner.

- A fire attack will occur in an attempt to murder someone.

- A key figure will be trapped in a building as if it is in a permanent entrapment. A Lot of voices will shout out for the release of such figure.

- A religious centre will be targeted in an attempt to hit a group which visits this location regularly.

- Two religious figures of different religious directions will be targeted, in addition to some attacks on burial places.

- One of the Ghanem Trios (Marcel Ghanem, or George Ghanem or the wife of George Ghanem) will be the talk of the media and the town.

- Rain and Storms will hit Lebanon during the mid summer.

- The long awaited international court will take place and other courts will appear in relation to it.

- One of the political parties in Lebanon might witness a closure or an attempt to close it.

- Two political party figures will be trapped in trouble and confusion.

- A key figure will be targeted during a big social event taking place.

- The name of Issam Fares will appear all of a sudden engulfed with people confusion and questionings.

- A part of a Lebanese political team will be split in two. one part will be distributed between the port and the airport. The other part will be situated near a council.

- A group of criminals will be stopped before attempting to kill Samir Geagea and his wife Sitrida Geagea and some people close to them. Such criminals belong to a certain well known group.

- A historical location will be targeted and part of it falls down.

- A group of different origins will be caught on Television confessing about a surprising terrorist attack they were planning for.

- A political figure will replace another due to his illness.

- Some Truth about the attacks in Lebanon during the year 2005/2006 will be revealed even before the international court is set in action.

- After a lot of dark days and nights, north Lebanon sky will be filled with glory and success.

- The health department in Lebanon will be facing problems.

- Blood in one of the Universities in Lebanon.

- Beirut Port will be the talk of the Media and the world.

- A group of people will attack a Lebanese location leaving negative influence.

- A New kidnapping method, a woman will be kidnapped.

- A painful letter will be written in the blood of a major Druze figure.

- The Lebanese Central Bank will be targeted by an operation causing confusion.

- Hizbollah and Al Tayar group disagreements will be good material for the media, but will not affect the overall agreement between the two parties.

- Al Tayyar Al Watani El Hurr will be undergoing major changes.

- The Lebanese Air force will be ready to fly and operate effectively again.

- Hassan Nasrallah and Walid Jumblat will be framed in the same picture.

- The Hariri family might be facing a new tragedy.

- Whoever is going to or back from Baabda will face great danger.

- The presidency of Lebanon will be facing major changes including its location.

- One of the Chouf figures in the Lebanese parliament will be in great danger.

- A Lebanese Woman in a high position will be the talk of both local and international media.

- A series of small Earthquakes will hit several locations in Lebanon.

- Signs of Worry surround the Rahbani Family.

- Elias Attalah will be caught in a bad condition.


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