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25 Detailed Predictions by Michel Hayek for 2009

25 Detailed Predictions by Michel Hayek for 2009

Here are the Detailed Predictions of Michel Hayek for the year 2009 which he said during the new year party at the Lebanese Broadcasting Corporation - LBC on the even of 31st December 2008.

- Striking developments in the murder of Major General Francois Al Hajj and Deputy Minister Pierre Gemayel.

- The prestige of the Lebanese army will fill an area of the country and points to the escalation of the deadly and waiting.

- Syria will not come back to Lebanon however its influence will be high, Syria will have an intervention in more than one Lebanese issues, "I see Syria taking parts in quick and limited security issues on the ground, some Lebanese and some other mystery missions."

- Israeli warplanes would not be safe in the Lebanese airspace, this is not due to the arrival of Russian planes which were donated to Lebanon.

- The recommendations of the Arab summit held in Beirut, around the year 2000 will still have some of the light.

- Lebanese key figures will be placed in a situation similar to a house arrest.

- Lebanese Parties will open new locations which will cause a surprise.

- Anonymous hash will orbit in Sidon (Saida) which is linked to the name of the mayor and the municipality.

- The birth of new political movements with Women Leadership.

- A Threat and painful letter will arrive to the deputy Saad Hariri , remembering of the pressure President Rafiq al-Hariri had before his assassination.

- A high ranked figure will get some form of harassment and physical attacks even on his family.

- What we see is like the Intifada information between the associations of the press and the editors.

- Disclosure of the threads of a massive operation targeted two things: the breach of the leadership ranks of Hezbollah and the heart of the equation and the balance of power (revealed).

- A section of the decisions of the Doha Agreement on the land Down Beirut.

- The prospects for the assassination of Imad Mughniyah to expand.

- The name of the minister Ziad Baroud title for more than a broad plan and map.

- Associated with the name of Deputy Minister Mohammad Safadi and several events of different positions strongly draws attention, including: his will to a large extent to break the ice between the two political eyelashes and this is in the supreme interest of Lebanon, and the surprise Safdi public political stance was not forthcoming election thought.

- A world of civil aviation and the Beirut airport on the date of a tragic scene.

- Prominent and important changes in the terms and decisions on the outside can be even, and the basis is no justification for its existence.

- A terrorist is required will be based in Lebanon.

- Echoes of the area of Bikfaya, feel free to run.

- I see new faces around the table of leadership in the Free National Movement.

- Reveals the infiltration of suspicious people targeting General Aoun and some close to him.

- Michel Aoun, a man of surprises, which attracted media attention around him and public opinion even in the course of his outside Lebanon.

- Many will worry about General Michel Aoun, the Lebanese to contribute to this volume of rumors and hearsay as a result of a wave of rumors.

- The Cedar of Al-Kataeb and the Lebanese Forces, will be targeted by harmful arrows.

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