Lydia Canaan

Lydia Canaan

Gender: Male

Nationality: Lebanon

Job Title: Singer

Lydia Canaan is a child of a generation that lost one world and went on to create another. Born and raised in a country dictated by war, music and singing were her personal salvation. In the midst of war and destruction that ravaged her home country Lebanon, Lydia staged many sell-out concerts all over the country, recorded her own songs for radio, topping the charts as anthems of the youth reflecting their pain and resentment of war and violence.

Lydia worked with renowned writers, musicians and producers in Switzerland, UK and USA, like David Richards (Montreux Jazz Festival, Queen, Chris Rea, David Bowie), Roger Taylor (drummer of Queen), Robin Scott (group M with world hit "Pop Muzik"), Barry Blue (Dina Carroll, Patricia Kaas), The Rapino Brothers (Kylie Minogue, Take That, Corona), Michael Jay (Celine Dion), Noel Cohen (Phyllis Hyman), Keith "Plex" Barnhart (Chaka Khan), Tommy Mandel (keyboarder of Bryan Adams, Ian Hunter Band, Foreigner).

Lydia's international release of "Beautiful Life" by Pulse-8 Records (UK) gained her critical acclaim from the UK and US music press (Billboard, Music Week, Music Monitor etc.), radio promo tour in the UK, radio airplay in the UK, Europe, South Africa and Middle East. > Lydia is the first artist from the Middle East to have her video clip (filmed in London/UK) on MTV Europe, MTV Asia, MTV Russia and MTV Arabia.

"Beautiful Life" was chosen as the theme song for a charity event under the auspices of former President of South Africa Nelson Mandela.

Lydia launched her album through a massive campaign covering all Arab satellite networks (Orbit, Music Now, MBC, ART, LBCI, Future TV, Showtime's MTV Arabia, Murr TV, Dubai TV, Bahrain TV), local televisions, radio stations and all pan Arab printed press. Lydia performed in Beirut/Lebanon, Dubai/UAE and Manama/Bahrain in support of the album release.

Lydia was received by His Excellency General Emile Lahoud, President of the Republic of Lebanon, and the First Lady Mrs. Andree Lahoud at the Presidential Palace in Baabda/Lebanon.

Invited by the First Lady Mrs. Andree Lahoud, Lydia performed at the Presidential Palace in Baabda/Lebanon on Mother's Day in honor of the wives of the Presidential Guard Officers.

"Libnan", written and performed by Lydia, is the title song of the advertisement 'Rediscover Lebanon', produced and broadcasted by the US cable network CNN to over 1 billion viewers in 2004, commissioned by the Lebanese Government (Ministry of Economy & Trade) to promote Lebanon as tourist destination.

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