Lina Murr Nehme

Lina Murr Nehme

Gender: Female

Nationality: Lebanon

Job Title: Writer

Lina Murr Nehme is a controversial Lebanese historian, author, researcher, socio-political activist, University professor and painter.

Lina Murr Nehmé is the daughter of the controversial historian May Murr, and was born on 12 July 1955. She originally studied at the Beaux-Arts of Paris.

Just like her mother, she is always interested in controversial issues. She has written many books such as " Baalbek Monument Phénicien" , "Le Liban Assassiné", "Les Otages Libanais dans les Prisons Syriennes", "Si Beyrouth Parlait" ...

She is partly occupied with uncovering truth and under-marketed stories about the Phoenicians, such as Euclid the "Father of Geometry" came from Tyre, the monuments of Baalbek have Phoenician origins, that Saidoun gave the world Mokhos the founder of the "Atomism school", the importance of Beirut's ancient Roman law school that gave birth to the world's current modern laws (Justinian's Code).

Lina is also undergoing a battle on the moral and spiritual levels to unite the Lebanese on steady grounds; a battle for people to be finally happy, to get closure and justice... a battle for truth. She assures deep scars will not heal without thorough cleansing. Unity cannot be achieved on lies. Her dossiers are often enriched with startling testimonies gathered with great care, and packed with valuable facts often ignored by the general public. In her book “Lebanese Hostages in Syrian Prisons, For When?”, she reverberates the pain of the Lebanese detainees in Syria and the sufferings of their hopeless families in Lebanon. She called for the excavation of all the mass graves in Lebanon.

Lina Murr Nehmé is often boycotted for her defiant views by many media sources, which cannot tolerate the truth. She still manages however to get her voice heard, thanks to her insatiable convictions and strong determination, but also because of her strong character and her far from politically correct views...In June 2011 during a morning political talk show on Orange Television - OTV, she criticized Sami Gemayel calling him a fake. She went on to explain how he took special private classes for more than 2 years to imitate Bashir Gemayel's speeches and body language in the hopes of becoming his successor. She also showcased in her book on the missing Lebanese from the civil war, photos and testimonies revealing how Sami constantly uses their cause to market himself through the media. He would ask to always stand next to their spokesperson Ghazi Aad during sittings and protests so as to appear in the photos, and would reportedly unbutton his shirt (to look more like a terrain activist) right before talking to televisions such as LBC.

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