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Lebanon Predictions 2009 Mike Feghali

Lebanon Predictions 2009 Mike Feghali

Here are the Predictions of Mike Feghali for Lebanon in the years 2009 and following.

- Political assassinations in Lebanon will continue.

- Major earthquake will hit Lebanon, causing large damages to a tourist area.

- Unrest in the Downtown of Beirut, right after that big boom for great days to come.

- No civil war in Lebanon.

- The Hariri international airport of beirut could be shut down for a short time.

- Lebanon will elect a new president from the army.

- Lebanese economy will prosper and the governor of the Central Bank Riad Salameh will receive awards for his performances.

- A Lebanese figure will enter into the United Nations - UN.

- The Vatican will honor a Lebanese figure within the next year.

- Patriarch Nasrallah Sfeir is in danger.

- The Lebanese press and Lebanese Broadcasting Coorportation - LBC will be dressed in black.

- Lebanon - Syria borders will closefor some time but Lebanon will have a Syrian embassy.

- A Big Scandal with the Lebanese detainees in the prisons of Syria.

- Prisoner Samir Al Qantar will be released from the Israeli jail.

- General Michel Aoun will have health problems during a speech, which will lead to Gibran Bassil, Aoun son-in-law to take over the leadership of the Free Patriotic Movement.

- Samir Geagea will face a failed assassination attempt.

- M.P. Streida Geagea is in danger

- M.P. Antoine Zahra is in great danger.

- The government of Prime minister Fouad Siniora could face problems, however it will be above all hard times.

- M.P. Walid Jumblatt is no longer in immediate danger, with his son Timor helping him in leading the Party.

- Suleiman Franjieh will enter into the Lebanese politics on more time.

- M.P. Saad El Hariri will retire from politics, a woman his family will take leadership.

- Problems within the family of Al-Hariri.

- The world in Great shock after the truth of the Hariri International tribunal is discovered.

- The Hariri family losing control of Solidere.

- A lot of changes in the ranks of the Lebanon Army.

- Hezbollah will integrate and become one part with the Lebanese Army.

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