Laila Ghofran

Laila Ghofran

Gender: Female

Nationality: Morocco

Job Title: Singer

Laila Ghofran also known as Layla Gofran is a famous Moroccan singer.

Laila Ghofran was born on 19th of March 1961. Her full real name is Jamila Amr Bou Amrat.

Ghofran began her singing career back in the eighties. She was known back then with the name Laila.

Her best years were between 1989 and 1994 (many successful concerts and hits) with her husband and manager Ibrahim Aakad, which she has a daughter from called Hiba.

Laila got married for 6 times with men all from the entertainment industry.

She released many successful albums throughout her career like: "Ghabbar", "Aktar Min Ay Waat" which contains the single Asahilhalak, "Hobbak Nar"...

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