Katia Harb

Katia Harb

Gender: Female

Nationality: Lebanon

Job Title: Singer

Katiaa Harb also known as Katya Harib is a Lebanese singer.

Katia Harb was was one of the top contestants in the LBC Talent show Studio El Fan.

In the late 90s Katia released few songs with other artists from studio el fan, but did not reach stardom until the early 2000.

Katia Harb became very famous after she shot a music video clip for her song Kadd El Houb. She also shot few successful videoclips with director mirna khayat.

Katia Harb released many successful albums, among them were the famous Al Bab Al Alli, Mandallah and Kadd El Houb.

By the mid 2000 Katia disappeared from the music scene, and she stopped releasing new albums.

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