Julia Boutros talks to Al Ajazeera

On the 27 of July 2006, Julia Boutros was featured on al-Jazeera T.V. in a
Special program called Sawt-Al-Nass.

Julia, who was in Beirut, talked about the Politics in the Arab world and the Moukawameh.

She also spoke about the international affairs which are happening in Palestine.

Patriotic and Humanitarian, Julia came up with some suggestions to the Arab expatriates. She suggested that Arabs should boycott products, to show their anger about the humanity crimes.

She added that countries which produce Oil should stop providing international countries.

Finally she confirmed that our Victory is coming soon if we resist.

Julia was wearing a black Jacket & a white T-shirt, with no makeup.

Julia as ever, was simple, yet elegant, and down to earth.

Check out Julia.ws the official website of Julia Boutros

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