Joseph Sakr

Joseph Sakr

Gender: Male

Nationality: Lebanon

Job Title: Singer

Joseph Sakr is a famous singer from Lebanon. Joseph Saker was born in the year 1942, he passed away in the year 1997.

Joseph Sakr released his final album entitled Bema Enno, on the first day of 1997 and in the same year he died.

The album was a very big hit in that year.

Joseph Sakr worked closely with Ziad Rahbani on many albums. With the death Joseph Sakr, the arab listeners lost a sensitive voice.

Joseph Sakr also worked and acted in few comedy plays, in which he sang and acted.

Joseph started his career in singing after joining Al ferqa al Shaabia al loubnaniya which was established by the Rahbani brothers in the early sixties. Later on Joseph joined Ziad in his first play Sahrieh in the year 1973.

Joseph was part of all of Ziad El Rahbani plays, he also sang in many of Ziad albums.

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