Joelle Hatem

Joelle Hatem

Gender: Female

Nationality: Lebanon

Joelle Hatem is a Lebanese model.

Joelle Hatem was born in Charleston, USA on 2 February 1979. Her mother is Brazilian and her father is Lebanese.

Joelle Hatem has only appeared so far in a few local Lebanese magazines, such as Focus, Maculin, and Special.

Before she began modelling, Joelle Hatem was a candidate in the Miss Lebanon Contest of 1997.

Joelle Hatem can sometimes be seen in local Lebanese ads like Daniela Tobler Jeans(DT) billboards, in K-Lynn lingerie and bikini prints and also in photos for hair designer Simon El Mendelek .

Joelle Hatem also does catwalk modeling, and sometimes takes part in Live haircut shows.

Joelle Hatem lives in Beirut.

Joelle Hatem is still studying for a psychology degree, in addition to French literature and history.

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