Joana Mallah

Joana Mallah

Gender: Female

Nationality: Lebanon

Job Title: Singer

Joana Mallah is a Lebanese singer.

Joana Mallah or Joanna Mallah first appeared in 1993 when she participated in Studio el fan in the folk music category competition where she sang for the famous Shadia & earned her first gold medal.

In 1994, Joana officially started her singing career & soon became one of the best known artists in the gulf area. The competition was tough, as no one could shine next to Nawal El Zoghby.

Joana Mallah released 6 albums & she worked with major composers, and poets such as Mr. Mohamed Diaaï?½Dine, Salah Sharnouby, and Riad El Hamcharyï?½

Joana shot many clips; her last clip (Hatefdal Fi Alby) directed by Jad Choueiri was a great success for both artists especially for Jad who said that the clip was his biggest challenge to date.

The young Joana participated in numerous international festivals like Carthage festival, the Arabic Song festivals of Jordan, Syria, and Lebanon.
She also participated in other events that took place in England, Germany & France.

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