Jamal Yassine

Jamal Yassine

Gender: Male

Nationality: Egypt

Job Title: Singer

Jamal Yassine is a young Lebanese-Egyptian singer.

Jamal Yassine, also called Gamal Yassin or Jimmy Yassine, was born in Limassol (Cyprus), where he lived for 2 years before moving to Cairo with his family.

At a young age Yassine started learning music, and playing instruments like the guitar, Oud, Violin, Piano, Drums etc..Gamal also began composing and arranging his own music and writing songs.

Jamal Yassine is signed under the record Label Arabica Music.

In December 2010, Jamal released a music video for his song Betnassiny Hayaty (Lyrics by Nabil Khalaf, melody by composer Waleed Saad,Music arrangement by Ousama el Hindi), directed by Athman Abou Laban and filmed in Egypt.

Jamal Yassine Albums and Discography:

Betnaseeny Hayati (2010-2011)
The songs in the album are:
1. Khalas
2. Betnaseeny Hayati
3. Ana Mestany Aleik
4. Aqoulek Wla Akhaby
5. Ana Mn gherak Hayran
6. Leih Lamma Habeina
7. Ana Getlak
8. Makhtoba
9. Law Olt Bahebek
10. Es'aly Albek

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