Jad Tawokji

Jad Tawokji

Gender: Male

Nationality: Lebanon

Job Title: Predictor

Jad Tawokji is a young talented predictor and astrologist from Lebanon. Jad graduated from the Lebanese University with a degree in Interior Design in the year 2001 then got another in Fine Arts in the year 2003, Later he went on to receive a diploma in Astrology.

Since he was a child, Jad was amazed by the science of astrology and how the relative positions of various planets and stars can be useful in understanding, interpreting and organizing information about personality, human affairs and other matters.

In the year 1998, Jad was awarded the World Peace Prize for Best Peace symbol. Jad has also received various other awards and has represented Lebanon at several functions both regionally and internationally.

Jad became famous as an astrologist at a very early stage and at a very quick pace thanks to the various publications he did that dealt specifically with astrology and horoscopes and that became instant bestsellers throughout the Middle East.

Jad became an instant hit with local and regional media appearing in several newspapers and TV shows commenting specifically on people’s horoscopes and their future.

In fact, his knowledge of the subject matter landed him a permanent spot on Heya TV (Middle East channel for women).

Jad Tawokji has a dedicated horoscope page in Rotana Magazine.

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