Jad Choueiri

Jad Choueiri

Gender: Female

Nationality: Lebanon

Job Title: Singer

Jad Choueiri (or Jad Choueiry) is a Lebanese singer, producer and music-video director.

When Jad Shwery was just a kid and very young he loved singing for Madonna. She was his true inspiration.

Simon Asmar believed in Jad Choueiri and made him prepare the first video clip in studio el Fan.

In the year 2003, Jad appeared on Music Channels in his first work for his hit Aoullk Eih. Jad sang and danced on the tune of his first song which combined both Arabic-Egyptian and English lyrics.

It was only until the year 2006 that Jad released his first album entitled Al Mouftah (The Key, 2006). In this album, Jad combined singles released between 2003 and 2006 with new material which he composed himself.

Jad Choueiri is not only a singer, but also a dancer, a song writer, a director, an actor. He is an All in One Artist.

Egypt Today, an English language magazine based in Cairo, described Jad Choueiri as "Arguably the most exciting arrival on the regional music scene in years," they noted that he "He has quickly established himself as a multitalented songwriter and composer."

Jad Choueiri was behind the launching of a number of stars such as Maria Elaab and Tina singer just to name few. He also directed their first videos of.

Jad Choueiri declared that his sexual life is far better than his emotional life. This part of his life seems to push Jad towards making videos which have been described by some people as unacceptable and not part of our oriental culture.

Jad and the people who work with him ride a wave of sexuality in their music and videoclips which is spreading like fire on Arabic music channels.

While most of Jads work rely on sexuality, where skin deep and sexy movements occupy a huge frame of his camera, Jad proved to a be an excellent director.

Jad cooperated with Joana Mallah in the year 2006 to produce a much 'softer' videoclip. The clip which he directed for Joana Mallah was so well prepared, that it made all critics take about him in a positive way.

Jad Choueiri is proving to the world that despite his style, which some people disapprove, he is still talented and an All-In-One artist.

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